Welcome to Fenix Insurance! Here’s our story…

Bob Melnyk has been in the insurance industry since 1972 and his son Jeff Melnyk started in 1997. Both of them were agents with a large insurance company as Captive Agents, meaning they could only offer that one company’s products and were at their mercy when it came to claims service. For many years things were good, the company treated their customers well and claims service was handled up to the Melnyk’s standards. Unfortunately a time came when the company started to change its direction and claims service deteriorated, leaving many of the Melnyk’s customers unhappy with claims.

By 2007 Bob and Jeff decided they could no longer represent a company who’s beliefs do not align with their own. They decided to sell their
agencies and start an Independent Insurance Agency. This would allow
them to control which companies they work with to make sure they have the best claims service available. Having control over the companies they offer is even more important since claims service is what they sell and the customer’s protection is what matters most to them!

When Bob and Jeff sat down to decide what to name the business, they discussed everything they had been through that led up to this point and it was clear this was a new beginning for them. An opportunity to offer the best claims service available, the best companies available, and the best products available. Immediately they thought of the mythological story of the Fenix. A Fenix is a beautiful creature resembling a bird that was reborn from the ashes of a fire.

On September 14th 2008, Fenix Insurance was born.

The next step was to determine what companies Bob and Jeff wanted to represent for themselves and their customers. They started researching insurance companies and the number of claims complaints each of them has only to discover there are roughly 3693 insurance companies in the United States of America. Blown away by this number they relied on an organization that ranks insurance companies based on customer complaints with the insurance commissioner in each state. They received a list of the best 50 insurance companies in the nation and started research on each company’s products.

Today Fenix Insurance represents 6 of the highest ranked insurance companies in the country, and Fenix Insurance has become one of the fastest growing Agencies in the nation! This is due to our fantastic company selection, unmatched product selection, as well as our unparalleled service. If you are shopping for insurance, you have found the right place! Fenix Insurance doesn’t strip all the coverage’s from a policy and sell you the lowest price. They shop your insurance with several companies and find you the best product available that provides the most coverage for your situation at the most competitive price!

Bob & Jeff are also very active in the collector car and race car communities. As fellow car builders, they understand the years of work that go into building a car. They also understand how to make these policies work to best suite your needs. Whether you have a collector car you drive throughout the summer or just on a few sunny days, or a full on race car. Fenix can insure those and everything in between. We offer several On-Track racing insurance programs for a variety of racing.

Give us a call 253-735-3355 and allow us to protect you and your assets!